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Restaurants with delivery starting at $6!

Restaurants with delivery starting at $7.50!

About Ano Delivery

Ano Delivery is a locally owned and operated Restaurant Delivery Service operating out of Ellensburg, WA and serving the surrounding areas. We take great pride in the quality of our work and our exceptional customer service. We hope to connect consumers to merchants all while creating a greater economic opportunity for our beloved town, Ellensburg.

People eating.

Established in 2019

Ano Delivery was founded by Juan Zamorano and Dante Palmisano, two (at the time) college kids who sought to solve a food delivery problem. "We realized that there was no reliable food delivery from our favorite restaurants, then we had our "aha!" moment". "We quickly realized that locals and non-locals had the same problem, pizza was the only delivery option."

The name Ano Delivery comes from a combination of Juan and Dante's last names,
they both share the same last 3 letters, "Ano".

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